Friday, 15 April 2011

I hate . . . Anti-piracy warnings on DVDs

I like watching DVDs. I like the sound and picture clarity, the ability to jump to bookmarks, the add-on interactive bits and extras. I've not upgraded yet, but I'm sure Blu-ray would be good as well, just with better resolution.

However, I am beginning to increasingly loathe the anti-piracy warnings. You know the ones by FACT or the FBI.

Don't misunderstand me - I actually support enforcement of copyright, because without it there would be no new films, games, books or programs. People would and could just copy things, not paying the creators, who would have to go off and do something that actually paid money. What really, really bugs me is these.

FACT anti piracy warning video

They put this or similar ominous warnings at the front of my DVDs. You can't skip it. You can't fast forward. You HAVE TO WATCH IT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PUT THE DVD IN.

There are a couple of huge flaws in this. Firstly, I bought this DVD. I would like to watch it, and delaying that pleasure is just going to annoy me. That annoyance is going to be transferred to the source - FACT in this instance.

Secondly, if I did want to make an illegal copy of the DVD or Blu-ray disk, I would edit the source so the copyright warnings were removed. Only legitimate, paid for versions have the irritating ads, but not the very copies they are trying to prevent.

So, a little bit of unrequested advice. Make it possible to fast forward or skip the copyright ads and splash screens. It has just as much effect (about none) and is not going to create loads of negative feelings towards you and the whole issue of copyright in general.

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