I hate . . . Can I join in?

Anyone who has a grumble is welcome to join in - just send me your rants and raves, your whinges, whines and moans, grumbles and complaints.

You can add your comments to any of the posts, or if you want to start something new, write something and send it in. I'll do my best to publish them all, and give you a chance to spread your unhappiness to the world, or open yourself up for an extreme flaming.

I don't want to limit what it's about, but I have to set a few basic guidelines.

  • Not overly racist, sexist or any other ist. Feel free to criticise, especially if you can justify it, but anything likely to break discrimination laws is not going to get published
  • No swearing - with a few exceptions, like for quotes, or it's especially funny.
  • Keep it general. Complaining about companies, or even better, public bodies is great, but generally do not name individuals.  Exceptions again, of course, where that individual is publicly known, such as politicians.
  • Make it personal. The best posts are the personal ones, where it has directly affected you, your family or friends.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Mine's not perfect, but at least run a spell check, and read over to make sure it makes sense. I may make minor corrections if needs be, but generally I'll post as written, and you can take the credit (or blame).

That's it - and like I said these are guidelines, not hard rules.

Welcome to the Blog!

Mr. Angry